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Interludes and examinations, a fanfic chapters 4 and 5

Posted by xgirl30 on 2007.07.09 at 20:38
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Sorry it took so long to get these written. I'll try to make the next update much sooner.

Category: drama,  hurt/ comfort, adult
Rating: from PG-13 to NC-17
Spoilers: none if you have seen the third season
Disclaimer: All Lost characters are the property of ABC and their creator J.J. Abrams. I derive no profit from this and no copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 4

I've heard about the purge.” Mikhail said. “I was under the impression that no Dharma people survived.” Athena looked at him. “A few did. Those that were tired of the Initiative's rules and order and sided with the island natives.” Mikhail sipped his tea noting the sad look on her face and the way she gripped her mug as she spoke. “I take it your parents weren't part of the lucky few.”

No they weren't. They believed in Dharma too much to side with the hostiles and their sympathizers.” Mikhail set his mug down. “Yet you were spared.” Athena forced back the tears that were forming. She looked out at the rain pouring in sheets, feeling as unsettled as the weather. “I was thirteen at the time of the purge. I thought Dharma was too strict. I guess when I was complaining about it the right people heard me.” She turned back to Mikhail. His eye patch fascinated her. She tried to think of the ways a person could lose an eye and not end up with any other facial disfigurement. “I hope you don't mind my asking, but how did you...” Her question trailed off as she wondered if it was really impolite to ask it. “How did I lose my eye?” Mikhail said. He had a half smile on his face and thankfully didn't look offended. “It's kind of a long story.” He picked up his mug. “It happened when I was in the Soviet military.”

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Who - To days to come!

'Lost' Star Andrew Divoff Reportedly Joins 'Indy 4'

Posted by ladyalcamy on 2007.07.06 at 03:26
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So, maybe we'll get to a see a reunion with Harrison Ford?

Lost Media reported:
"We don't know whether the character Mikhail Banukin, affectionately known as "Patchy" by LOST fans, is actually dead. He survived so many obvious deaths in the last few episodes of Season 3, that is actually quite possible that he will return sometime during Season 4. Being dead on LOST does not necessarily mean that you are not coming back as an actor to reprise your character either in a flashback, or in Andrew Divoff's character's case, the character is still actually alive. Banukin seems to be like a cat with nine lives, like the Eveready Energizer bunny, or even like a Timex watch: He takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Andrew Divoff, however, is not putting all his eggs in one basket. According to an article I just read in Cinematical.com, he will join the cast of Indy 4."

Said article under the cutCollapse )

[Edit]: Another source seems to confirm it! :D

epic on boat


Posted by jade_melody on 2007.07.05 at 14:44
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enjoy :)

witch please

Just had to share

Posted by le_culot on 2007.07.03 at 11:29
This gem was taken directly (I swear!) from the Mikhail Bakunin/Theories page of Lostpedia.

" * He is the security system. Set up by The Others/Dharma to protect and serve for certain difficult missions. He is a programmed cyborg and was given a russian [sic] accent just so he could annoy everyone he met so much that they decided to kill him. Unknown to these certain people (Locke, Desmond) he actually survives and continues to be Russian for a bit longer."

I've heard some wacky Mik theories before (LOST magazine, anyone?), but this one really takes the cake.


When ladyalcamy, my beloved co-mod, first posted "Enter 77", I thought to myself: Impossible! A 77-picture picspam? There aren't that many pictures in the WORLD!

But she proved me wrong. Oh, did she ever prove me wrong. And now I stand before you, proud to present a picspam with 78 - count 'em, 78 - pictures.

And they are almost ALL KINKY.

How d'ya like them apples?

Sweet with just a hint of sour!Collapse )

EDIT: http://s185.photobucket.com/albums/x101/le_culot/ all the photos, none of the drama.

Who - To days to come!

*revives community*

Posted by ladyalcamy on 2007.06.23 at 17:45
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This picture is pretty damn small, but it still makes me happy beyond belief! :D

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And yes, I will post that slash-fic of mine soon! :)
*grouphugs her Bakuchicks*

witch please

Fanfiction: "Love You Madly"

Posted by le_culot on 2007.06.20 at 15:02
Tags: ,
Title: "Love You Madly"
Rating: PG-13 for mentions of kink
Spoilers: None
Word count: 562
Summary: One of the others gets gossipy. Mikhail/Rousseau
A/N: Written as part of a shady bargain with that_evening.

Fous d'amour, ils sont...Collapse )

I'm torn between loving it and hating it. On the one hand, I really liked the concept, and I loved writing it... on the other, I just don't think I have the skill to carry it off. Oh well.

The masterlist has been updated and now features new fic from that_evening and a new author, melissaq9. Enjoy, mes amies! <3

Who - To days to come!

I'm back, and I bring you... art! XD

Posted by ladyalcamy on 2007.06.15 at 18:39
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Hey guys!
Damn, I wanted to post about this earlier on but kinda forgot about it.
A friend of mine does occasional adorable Lost drawings, and guess who was part of one of her last entries?
HE CANNOT DIE (just scroll down a bit)

And why am I constantly putting off posting that old fanfic of mine? Cause it would be the first slashfic in this community? XD

Warning: Possible SPOILERS contained in the link.


The above link is a message on a "Lost" forum from a fan who met Andrew and asked if he would be returning to the show.

witch please


Posted by le_culot on 2007.06.14 at 09:53
...about... bleeding nipples?

If you're like me, you'll squeal with voyeuristic glee over seeing Andrew Divoff just being himself.

He's towards the end of the video, which seems to be some bizarre promo for a low-budget movie. Ron Jeremy is there, too, for like two seconds.

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